Calendula Whipped Body Butter DIY Recipe

by | Aug 9, 2020

You might remember this post on Instagram where I talk about the dreams I had of actually using my calendula oil. In the past, I’d take the time to infuse the oil, but would get too lazy to purchase additional ingredients. Also, I was always worried I’d make something I didn’t end up really liking or using. Well, I’m obsessing over this calendula body butter so much that I am adding it here to the blog for you now! It is ooh la la luxurious!

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What brought me to add calendula (calendula officinalis) to my garden, was a shopping experience from years ago. I was in a beauty store at the mall and the salesperson was gushing about their new calendula products—that year it seemed every brand was harnessing the healing power of calendula. Instead of buying right away, I went home and did a little research and learned about the amazing healing properties of calendula for skin. It’s known for being used topically for soothing rashes, wounds, abrasions, and more because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. As with most things I see at the store, I thought ‘I need to grow this!”

With that in mind, my journey into urban homesteading—a slower life, more connected to the earth—has inevitably led me to start experimenting with natural beauty products but I am NOT writing as an herbalist, teacher, medical professional, etc.  

calendula officinalis flower being harvested

Calendula officinalis isn’t usually known as a Winter flower, but I’ve found that it fries in our Southern California Summers. On the other hand, it flourishes in our shoulder seasons and adds so much color to the garden from Fall thru Winter and Spring!

Safety Precautions for Calendula

As with anything we consume or use on our bodies, please always do your research. I found these safety tips and contraindications from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine:Do not use calendula internally during pregnancy since it has traditionally been used to bring on menses. As calendula is in the aster family, it may cause a reaction for people who are highly sensitive to plants like ragweed (Ambrosia spp.) and chamomile (Matricaria recutita); this possibility is rare, but sensitive individuals should proceed with caution when using calendula for the first time. Rare incidences of allergic contact dermatitis have occurred with the topical use of calendula.”

In general, I would consult a physician if pregnant bfore using anything herbal, even this calendula body butter.

About choosing oils, butters, and ingredients

You probably already know this, but what works for one person will not work for everyone. I’ve been dabbling in natural beauty and face oils for almost a decade (even before I started gardening) so I am well versed in what kinds of things my skin likes or doesn’t like. To make calendula body butter, you must start by infusing a carrier/base oil with dried calendula flowers. For this recipe, my calendula infused oil was made using  extra virgin olive oil and a small percentage of an olive-derived squalane. I know many people find EVOO too heavy, but my skin loves it!

♦Carrier/Base Oils. You’ll need to create your Calendula infused oil before making this whipped body butter, so read How to Make Calendula Infused Oil to get more information on choosing a carrier/base oil (such as jojoba, argan, sweet almong, apricot kernel, etc). You might already be using some of these and know what your skin likes, but it is worth reading up on some of the benefits of each.

Body Butter. Butters for the body are NOT the same as the butter we put on bread. Many of them are nut and seed derived, and contain healthy fats that nourish the skin. I found this Guide to Plant Based Body Butters for Skin & Hair Care very helpful. In the end, I chose to try mango butter. I have used Shea for moisturizing in the past, but found it a little too greasy for my skin. Also, I did choose a refined Mango Butter mainly for lack of scent and I was excited try a new butter!

My NOTE on essential oils: the original recipe included essential oil as an option, but I don’t like using essential oils on my skin. I have sensitive skin that is easily irritated and essential oils are extremely concentrated. Some essential oils are also not safe for sun exposure as they can make your skin extra sensitive to it. I tend to avoid them for any face or body products.

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calendula infused oil on left with freshly picked calendula officinalis on right

Here is a side by side of the very first step of the process! Before you create your calendula body butter, you’ll need to dry your fresh picked calendula flowers and then infuse them into oil. Growing your own herbal concoctions is a slow but rewarding process.

How to Make Nourishing Calendula Whipped Body Butter

This recipe (below) uses homemade calendula infused oil, which I have full instructions for HERE. This recipe was based off this whipped body butter from The Nerdy Farm Wife, but I opted to leave out the essential oils (see my note above) and the optional annatto oil because I like to keep it simple. It’s absolutely luxurious and silky just with three ingredients! 

If you haven’t already my friends, purchase a kitchen scale. We use ours for baking homemade sourdough as well as at-home skin care concoctions because it’s just more accurate. You can also use it to weigh your homegrown produce! I’ve linked our kitchen scale below↓


150 grams mango butter *could also sub shea butter. I prefer the Mountain Rose herbs butter, but also recently tried this one on Amazon with good results. 

45 grams calendula infused oil *get the directions

7 grams rosehip seed oil. *sub other nourishing oil (like jojoba, argan, or chia seed as in The Nerdy Farm Wife’s recipe) or more calendula infused oil

Other helpful supplies:

Kitchen scale for measuring

Mixing bowl

Hand mixer 

Rubber spatula for easily transferring your body butter to a jar and scraping down the bowl.

The Process

Measure out your mango butter into a mixing bowl for a hand mixer. Yes, the mango butter will be pretty solid, so if you are having problems getting it to soften, try cutting it into smaller pieces and putting it in a warm area of your house. It’s been warm in my kitchen, so my mango butter was easily mixed.

Take a hand mixer and carefully start mixing your mango butter until it softens and smooths.

Scrape down the bowl and add the rest of your ingredients.

Continue mixing until the consistency is whipped and silky! It will literally look like cake frosting. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to eat it (but please don’t!) haha. You can even try a little on your skin to see if you like the consistency.

You guys, it really is that easy!

calendula whipped body butter in a mason jar

Please note that you can’t store your calendula whipped body butter with fresh petals because it could go bad (these were just for pretty blog pics).

Transfer your lotion to a clean glass jar. I used a wide mouthed mason jar like this ONE.

NOTE: Do not mix fresh petals or flowers into this body butter. They have water content which can cause spoilage, mold, and bacteria as it sits. The fresh petals in my photos are just for pretty photos!

Use & Storage

Remember the safety precautions listed above, especially if pregnant.

Always test out beauty products on a small patch of skin before before proceeding to use more generously.

Since this product does not contain water, it does not need a preservative, but it will not last forever.

I am careful to only reach in my jar with clean, dry hands to prevent any increased risk of water or bad stuff contaminating the body butter.

The shelf life will only be as long as the shortest shelf life of the ingredients. In my case, rosehip seed oil actually is pretty short, less than 6 months, and that is also dependent on proper storage and temperature. I’ll try to use up my batch of whipped body butter in a lot less time—which I don’t think will be a problem.

Body butter is most efficient at holding in moisture on your skin (as it does not add hydration to your skin). Therefore, it’s best to apply this calendula body butter after showering to help hold in the moisture from your shower. If you’re a nighttime shower person like me, apply this body butter after your shower and slip into a deep, luxurious sleep!

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