Where to buy seeds


Where are the best places to buy seeds?

I get this question often, and so I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of my favorite seed sources. Below, I’ve listed the seed companies that I consistently buy from each season. I was not paid to include any of the companies on this list. These are all companies that I have purchased from and have enjoyed their product season after season. I also enjoy trying new companies from time to time. Whenever I find another company I like, I update this list.

Although I am not paid to include companies on this list, I do have some affiliate links below. Affiliate links are one way you can support my blog, and help me continue to offer free gardening content. There’s no increase in cost to you, but I do get a small commission from your purchase. Thank you!

Seed Resources – Where to buy seeds?

Botanical Interests (this is an affiliate link)

Burpee Seeds (great selection, affiliate link)

San Diego Seed Company *A California company with seeds tailored to our climate.

Adaptive Seeds

Johnny’s Select Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds (affiliate link)

Renee’s Garden Seeds *has some really great varieties for containers and patios

Pinetree Garden Seeds *great source for smaller seed packets (thus slightly cheaper) for home gardeners.

Seed Saver’s Exchange

Kitazawa (kitazawa was bought by True leaf market) *wider selection asian greens.

Wild Boar Farms *incredible selection of tomatoes. Specialized tomato breeder.

Floret Flowers *a wonderful source for flowers seeds specifically for bouquets and cut flower gardens.

Territorial Seed Company

Dahlia Tuber, Spring Bulb, and Plant Sources

*don’t forget to check out my beginner’s guide to growing dahlias and best fall-planted bulbs for southern california

Triple Wren Farms

Swan Island Dahlias

Easy to Grow Bulbs

Burpee Seeds

Grow Organic Peaceful Valley *where I bought my blueberries

Longfield Gardens

Eden Brothers (mostly for bulbs, corms, and tubers)

Garlic Bulb/Clove Sources

Find my growing process and list of sources in this GUIDE.

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