3 Simple, Garden Inspired Centerpiece Ideas

by | Nov 20, 2019

Table centerpieces aren’t just for fancy parties. Even just a simple posy from the garden can create the kind of inviting ambiance that gives any meal a boost. One of my favorite things is being able to run outside to the garden and clip something fresh for the table. With the holiday season coming soon, I thought I would share 3 simple garden centerpieces that don’t require a lot of time or money, but will bring a sense of the garden and holiday spirit to your gatherings.

For the following centerpiece ideas, I focused on herbs because we grow a lot of herbs and they serve multiple functions in our garden—from flavoring food to adorning tables and filling bouquets. However, all of these garen centerpiece ideas could also be made with various greenery or things that you can forage locally. As always, make sure you know what you are cutting/picking in terms of toxicity especially, and be mindful of how much you take if you are foraging. Also, the longevity of your projects will be effected by the greenery that you’ll use. You may have to do a “test” arrangement to see how long the greenery lasts before wilting, etc.

»Fresh Herb Table Garland»

The first simple garden centerpiece is an herb garland. This elegant herb garland is waaay easier to make than it looks AND you can make it ahead of time (instructions for storage below). After your event, you can separate the herbs and dry them for the pantry or compost them.

For this project, you can use whatever herbs are available (or forage some eucalyptus), but I will say that herbs with woody stems help to create form and sturdiness in the garland. I like to use rosemary and bay for this purpose. Fill in with other herbs you love like thyme, sage, and oregano!

Supplies for a fresh herb garland

A selection of fresh herbs. The amount depends on the desired length of your garland.

26 gauge Floral Paddle Wire *I got mine at Michael’s arts & Crafts.

Wire cutters to cut the paddle wire.

outdoor table decorated with a garland of fresh herbs

While you could make a table garland using many different types of greenery, herbs lend a wonderful smell to the table! In this simple herb garland I’ve used rosemary, bay, thyme, oregano, and sage. We have gigantic rosemary bushes here, so rosemary is always a go-to if I need a sturdy herb to create more volume in arrangements.


Start by organizing your workspace and prepping your herbs. I like to arrange my herbs by type so I can design and mix as I go. Each herb cutting should be about 4″-8″ in length. The longer ones are nice for structure, but the smaller ones help create shape and an organic feel.

Take a small handful of herbs (preferably a longer stem mixed with some smaller ones) and start wrapping your paddle wire around it. During this process, strategically wrap over the cut end of your wire because it is sharp. Wrapping the wire on itself like that helps keep everything together too.

Continue to add small bunches or herbs at a time, alternating sides to create fullness, and wrapping with your wire.

Go until you have reached your desired length.

Once you are done, simply cut your wire and tuck the end back into your wrap at some point.

Optional: you can tuck some herb stems in at the end, pointing in the opposite direction, to disguise the wire wrapped end.

Storage note: If planning to create this simple garland centerpiece ahead of time, you can lightly spray the entire garland with water and put it in a large trash bag in the fridge. How long it will continue to look fresh will depend on what herbs or greenery you used. I wouldn’t make it more than a day or two in advance.

»Thrift Store, Mismatched Vases»

I love mixing and matching everything—my home is a lot of vintage, thrifted, mismatched stuff. This simple garden centerpiece is very relaxed and fun!

outdoor dining table lined with burlap table runner and fresh herbs

While you could easily use an array of colorful bud vases or vintage vessels, I stuck with mostly clear vases to go with the more neutral tones of this tablescape. In reality, this simple centerpiece can work for all types of events, and you can simply add flower pods, sprigs, airy grasses, and so much more!

Supplies for this centerpiece

Various sized bud vases, votives, mason jars, etc.





For visual interest, make groupings of three. Each group should have vessels that are a different size.

I like to fill my vessels with water and place them where they will be on the table so I can visualize how it will look in the end.

Take your twine and wrap each grouping together. Use your scissors to cut and tie off in a bow.

Clean & prep your herb stems. This is IMPORTANT! Pull off the bottom leaves from each stem. You don’t want any leaves submerged in the water—that will make your arrangements look messy and the water will become dirty.

Add your herbs! I think the coolest part of this kind of arrangement is the airy, organic quality. Put your herbs sprigs in the vases! It’s okay if the vase is small and only needs one sprig. Be creative!

grouping of mismatched vases tied together with twine and filled with herbs

Your imagination is the only limit with this simple garden centerpiece idea. I like incorporating some twine or linen/burlap ribbon to add to the relaxed feel. This centerpiece if great for more delicate herbs too (like basil) because all the stems are container in water. You can even use herb flowers like oregano and basil.

»Rosemary Wrapped Pillar Candles»

Rosemary not only smells amazing, but is also perfect for this kind of DIY due to its woody stems. You could also try this with other plants that have woody stems (and don’t tend to wilt).

Here in Southern California it’s very common to see large rosemary bushes used for landscaping. Rosemary truly loves our climate! Personally, I have a huge rosemary bush in my front yard that I always have to trim and chop back, so this simple garden centerpiece is truly a great way to make use of those clippings!

Supplies for rosemary wrapped pillar candles

Pillar candles (as many as you want)

Rosemary sprigs (as many as you need to wrap your candles)

Rubber bands that fit around each candle.

Twine for wrapping

Clippers for cutting the rosemary to size.

white pillar candles wrapped in rosemary sprigs

Because rosemary grows so well here, I really enjoy finding different ways to use it. These pillar candles manage to look perfect for the holidays, but also would work for any time of year!


Measure how tall you want your rosemary to be in proportion to your candle. Cut a “sample size” sprig to use to measure all the other sprigs.

Estimate how many sprigs you will need (this will depnd on your candle width) and cut!

Place the rubber band around the pillar candle and stick your rosemary sprigs into it around the candle.

Once you are done, wrap your twine creatively around the candle, covering up the rubber band.

Rosemary will start to wilt at the tips over time, so you can’t make these centerpieces too far ahead of time unless you leave the bottoms in water….hmmmmm I’ve never tried that!

Voila my friends! I hope these simple garden centepiece ideas help you enjoy the abundance of herbs in your garden and meals with friends and family.

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