10 Gifts for Gardeners Who Love to Cook


I’d like to preface this list by saying that I LOVE homemade gifts—jams/jellies, herb mixes, fresh baked cookies—you know what I mean. But, I also know that sometimes you prefer to buy a gift. Maybe you don’t enjoy baking or crafting, or maybe you ran out of time. Whatever the reason, this list of gifts is perfect for that special gardener in your life.

As a gardener, I use these items all the time!

All of the items listed below are things that I’ve accumulated over the years as friends and family have asked me “what do you want for Christmas?” That’s always the hardest question for me because I live pretty simply, and have always made do with what I have. Over the years though, I learned that offering suggestions actually helped my loved ones feel less stressed over the holidays. It actually made them feel good to get me something I would use.

So instead, I ask myself “what have I had my eye on that would make my garden-to-table life more enjoyable? 

So, if someone does ask me what would I like as a gift, the answers that come to mind are small luxuries—little items that I didn’t include in my budget because they didn’t seem like necessities, but things I would definitely use if I had them. This new outlook has really helped me brainstorm some useful and thoughtful gifts for gardeners over the years. Of course, your garden buddy will probably host a garden party and you’ll reap the delicious benefits! Haha 😉

Does your friend like growing edible flowers and herbs? One of the gifts I’ve used repeatedly as a gardener is my dehydrator. These are calendula flowers drying in my Nesco dehydrator.

10 Gifts for Gardeners (who love to cook)

*None of these items were gifted by companies or sponsored. I just wanted to share some of my favorite things for garden to table enjoyment!

1〉 Dehydrator

For that gardener that loves growing herbs and edible flowers: a dehydrator! I use my beloved dehydrator for sooooo many things. We dehydrated our apricot harvest to make dried fruit snacks, and lemon peels for seasoning. I dehydrate basil for winter storage. Whether you’re drying herbs, flowers, fruit, or sundried tomatoes—-a dehydrator really is the ultimate kitchen tool for a gardener. Now, you can spend over $250 on a dehydrator if you would like (this one by Excalibur is incredible), but my family gave me this very reasonably priced dehydrator from NESCO for Christmas one year and it has done a fabulous job!

2〉 Spiralizer

For the gardener that grows lots of zucchini every year: a spiralizer! This year I’ve been making my own version of zoodles called “tromboodles.” Zoodles are spiralized zucchini and tromboodles are spiralized tromboncino squash. Either way, there’s no other gadget that does the job of a spiralizer, and it’s the perfect gift for someone who gardens and finds themselves swimming in zucchini, carrots, beets, radishes….you name it. My spiralizer helps me eat more vegetables by making my meals look beautiful and take less time to prepare. The exact spiralizer we own is no longer available but this one is very similar.

various garden to table goods like fermented pickles, edible flowers, and salad

Here are some examples of gifts gardeners might appreciate: fermenting kits (here I’m using the MasonTops pebbles and airlock tops for pickles), dehydrator for drying edible flowers, herbs, and fruit, and a salad spinner for freshly harvested lettuce.

3〉 Fermentation Kit

For the gardener obsessed with gut health: a fermentation kit! As a self-professed fermentation newbie, I am really pleased with my new fermentation products. In the past, I tried to get away without using any special fermentation equipment, but it was hard and I was never happy with the results. After talking to others regarding their experiences and reading online reviews, I decided to purchase my own set of Masontops to get more into fermenting in the future.  I think one of the biggest issues facing fermentation newbies is all the things that can go wrong. Investing in some equipment can help take the guesswork out, so the process goes more smoothly. I can attest that Masontops (their pickle pebbles and airlock tops) make learning to ferment so much easier! 

4〉 Herb Drying Rack

A really low-tech yet very useful gift for that gardener in your life would be an herb drying rack. Don’t think your garden friend would make use of a dehydrator? Enter the air drying rack! Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than trying to naturally air dry your favorite herbs and having wind blow them away or flies landing on them. That is why an herb drying rack is extremely useful! It encloses your herbs with a fine mesh to keep them safe while drying. This particular herb drying rack has four layers, but there is also a larger one with 8 layers!

5〉 Ice cream maker

For the gardener with a sweet tooth: an ice cream maker! I know you are probably thinking ‘what does ice cream have to do with gardening?’ Well, once you can make your own ice cream, the options for infusing herbs, flowers, and fruits into delectable homemade ice creams and sorbets is endless! Think homemade lavender ice cream, apricot and thyme, or my favorite chamomile ice cream recipe ! Are you drooling yet? We currently have a Cuisinsart 2 QT ice cream maker and love it! Homemade ice cream is even more fun when you have fresh herbs and flavors from the garden to play with!

Homemade pasta made with garden grown herbs or tossed with fresh ingredients can’t be beat! This is the perfect gift for that gardener in your life that loves making food from scratch.

6〉 Pasta Maker

For the gardener that loves cooking from scratch: a pasta maker! Over time I’ve fallen in love with making my own bread, pasta, and baked goods from scratch. Surprisingly, making pasta from scratch doesn’t take as long as you might think and the noodles cook so fast! Being a gardener, the majority of my quick meals involve pasta and throwing in whatever herbs and veggies I have growing in the garden. A pasta maker has helped me incorporate herbs more easily into my pastas AND you can freeze it for meals that literally cook in minutes!

PS: include my recipe for Homemade Fresh Pasta with the gift!

7〉 Tea Infuser

For that gardener that loves to drink tea: an infuser! Would it surprise you to learn that many gardeners are tea drinkers? That’s because many of us have fresh herbs right outside our doors or in the kitchen. It’s always useful to have a good tea infuser in your drawer so it’s ready for a fresh, hot cup! In fact, I have two of these tea infusers in my kitchen and they are great.

metal tea infuser

My favorite tea infuser/strainer is this one by Yoassi. You simply place your dried chamomile in the strainer, pour over your hot water, and let it steep. It’s so simple to lift the strainer out of the cup when you’re ready to drink your tea!

8〉 Salad Spinner

For that gardener that loves a good salad: a salad spinner! Have you ever tried to wash and dry homegrown lettuce without a salad spinner? That used to be me. I probably wasted countless paper towels trying to get my salad adequately dry and also bruised some of it in the process. This salad spinner allows me to throw together a salad in minutes without wasting any paper towels or getting water all over my counter as I try to shake my lettuce dry. I also use my salad spinner to quickly wash herbs for making pesto or before putting them in my dehydrator. Salad spinners are awesome.

9〉 Large Salad Bowl

For that gardener that loves to host: a large salad bowl! I never thought I would love eating salad. It wasn’t until I started growing my own lettuces, kale, and mixed greens that I started making large salads to go with dinner.  It’s such a joy to throw whatever is growing in the garden into a large salad bowl that’s beautiful, rustic, and makes you feel like you are eating in a 5-star restaurant. Get that gardener in your life a gorgeous salad bowl to honor their harvests! My neighbor gave me a huge wooden salad bowl from Target as a gift one year and I still treasure it each day.

10〉 A Gorgeous Tart Pan

For that gardener that loves baking: a tart pan! I got this lovely Le Creuset tart pan for Christmas a couple years ago, and I use it for everything from garden herb frittatas, rustic sweet potato casseroles, and beautiful fruit desserts. Food just tastes better when it is presented well. I’m sure the gardener in your life would love to host a garden party and whip up a dish in this elegant pan.

As a gardener I can tell you that some of the best gifts I’ve recieved have been kitchen gadgets, tools, and dishes simply because those are simple things that help me enjoy my garden harvests on another level. Yes, other great gifts for gardeners can be seeds or hand shovels or cute dibbers, but I hope you’ll consider these fun ideas for the kitchen too! Happy holidays my friends!

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