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Why should you grow herbs?

Herbs are the perfect place to start if you are a beginning gardener, but I also want to add that herbs are actually just as vital to advanced gardeners, cooking enthusiasts, tea drinkers, natural living enthusiasts, and more! Growing herbs can:

Save you money. Have you ever paid $5 for a bundle of herbs at the grocery store only to find that you need a teaspoon for your recipe? Growing herbs lets you snip herbs as needed and minimizes waste.

Take up minimal space. Herbs do not require much space to grow, and can also be grown in pots and indoors on a sunny windowsill.

Easily provide you with flavor for years. Many herbs are perennials or easy to propogate from cuttings—this means that you typically can buy seeds or a starter plant ONCE and then have herbs for years!

Take your food to the next level. Cooking with fresh herbs will change your life.

Where can I buy herb seeds?

If you would like to start growing your own herbs from seed, remember to read my basic growing guide first (FREE to view in the Garden Resources library for subscribers) so you can choose the best types for your garden. 

Some herbs are best to buy at a nursery instead of starting from seed, so check out 5 Herbs to NOT Grow From Seed for my recommendations. 

Lastly, for the rest of your herb needs, you can view a full list of my favorite seed sources on my Where I Buy Seeds page. 

Are you ready to grow herbs?

All my subscribers get a FREE copy of my Basic Herb Growing Guide. I created this guide to help people get started growing their own herbs, but guess what? It also has information for gardeners of all levels! Some of the things covered in the guide are:

♦The basic soil, sun, and water requirements to grow herbs.

♦How to decide which herbs to purchase or grow from seed.

♦The difference between perennial herbs and annual herbs.

♦Recommendations for types of herbs to grow depending on your needs (how to grow what you love to eat!).

Ideas for Using Lots of Herbs

See below for some of the articles I have written on using the herbs you grow. Growing herbs is fun, but using them is even better!

Homemade Pasta . Create delicious pasta flavored with your favorite herbs!

Dehydrate extra basil or make pesto!

Parsley & Walnut Pesto w/Lemon will brighten all your winter dishes!

Homemade seasoning mix. My favorite is this lemon herb mix

Got rosemary? Dried rosemary shines in this Orange & Rosemary Sweet Potato Casserole.

Are you just starting to grow herbs? I would love to hear what you think of my FREE growing guide. Leave a comment below ♥

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