Grilled Shishito Peppers

by Jul 30, 2019

One of our favorite summertime snacks, we like to keep these grilled shishito peppers as simple as possible. It really honors their flavor. Warning: it’s been said that 1 in 10 shishitos is SPICY.

The Method

*this recipe is basic and instinctive, hence the lack of measurments. Since you never know how many shishitos will be coming out of the garden, I’m giving you our basic process.

Wash shishitos pat dry or let them drain off the water.

Drizzle olive oil over them. Just enough to coat.

Sprinkle kosher salt, VERY lightly! Reserve the opporunity to taste at the end and add more salt if needed.

Toss to mix it up and coat more evenly.

Grill them in a grilling basket. We love this one HERE.

You can stir them up as they cook. They are done when they look blistered.

Remove from the grill and place in serving bowl.

At this point, you can add salt to taste if needed.

OPTIONAL: add a squeeze of lemon before serving for freshness OR add just a tiny drizzle of sesame oil and toss for an appetizer that pairs well with asian flavors.

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