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Want to know what I’m planting and when? This is my personal seed starting schedule—-specific to Southern California, zone 10b. When I first started gardening, I remember wishing I had insight into what gardeners locally were planting, so I have made my list a resource for all of you! 

Want to grow herbs, but don’t know where to start? This basic guide will give you the basic information for choosing what herbs to grow how to care for them, and how to plan a garden that you will actually want use for cooking!

Have you read my article on How to Succession Plant to Maximize Your Harvests? This accompanying chart is a basic guide on planting intervals for certain crops to help you get started with succession sowing in your garden.

Want to see more of our garden space? You can view all of our August Summer garden tours here. Get a glimpse into how much room we have to grow, how the garden is set up, and more!

Want to start a garden from seed?

Check out my Seed Starting section of the blog to get full tutorials, tips, and guides!


Check out my top 2 resources to get your garden started below:

Meet Randi

Urban gardening is my jam. I’m Randi, California girl who obsessively gardens to grow food and flowers around my urban home. Seasonal, simple living is what inspires me~ I hope it will inspire you too. Join me in crafting a life and home connected to the garden Read More>>>>

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