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Raspberry Primocanes and Floricanes

You know that feeling of seeing some natural phenomenon you’ve only read about actually happening in front of your eyes? It’s pretty cool, right? Today’s post is a personal anecdote that demonstrates this very feeling, and it’s about growing raspberries in our...

A Backyard Gardener’s Approach to Powdery Mildew

Welcome my friends! If you are battling powdery mildew, you aren’t alone. In fact, this year more than most, I’ve had people approach me about what to do with all the powdery mildew in their gardens! The absolute truth is that powdery mildew is nothing to fear. In...

Dahlia Growing Tips for Hot Climates

The best gardening tips I ever learned came from failure---ideally, failure followed by success. Growing dahlias in Southern California comes with its own set of challenges, but it hasn’t stopped me from truly enjoying these flowers and being fascinated by their...


Freckled Californian is a website is all about seasonal living and my adventures gardening here in Southern California. As I’ve been gardening over the years, I’ve come to appreciate and understand the special climate and seasons that we have in CA—but I never found a resource that truly spoke to me as a southern Californian gardener, so I created it! We have a wonderful community of gardeners here, and I hope to continue to learn, grow, and embrace this crazy California climate for years to come. See what’s currently in season ⇓

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10 Heat Loving Veggies & Flowers

Get your garden ready for Summer! This list of Flowers and Vegetables are all easy to start from seed for a productive Summer garden!

How to Amend Your Soil Organically

Read about the 5 things we do to amend our garden beds each season.

Let's Talk Mulch!

Get all my tips for mulching your vegetable garden. Mulch is essential for water-saving, protecting the roots from temperature swings, and it can also feed your soil!

How to Compost~ Basics

Compost is simple to make and my favorite garden amendment! Come learn how!

The Basics of Growing From Seed

Learn how to start a garden from seeds! One of the most

Basic Guide to Growing Herbs- FREE download

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Meet Randi

Urban gardening is my jam. I’m Randi, California girl who obsessively gardens to grow food and flowers around my urban home. Seasonal, simple living is what inspires me~ I hope it will inspire you too. Join me in crafting a life and home connected to the garden Read More>>>>

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